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The Central Jersey Health Sciences Library Association is a nonprofit membership organization for health sciences and related sciences libraries in central New Jersey.  Membership consists of libraries in medical facilities, academic institutions and special libraries.
With a focus on sharing library resources and expertise, CJHSLA membership enhances professional growth and education.

History of CJHSLA
Earliest available records indicate that the Trenton Medical Librarians Association was formed in 1967 with regular meeings beginning in January of 1968.  The group was formed by Robert Hoagland, Librarian at the New Jersey Health-Agriculture Library and was the first such consortium of medical libraries in New JerseyParticipants at the January, 1968 meeting included:
     Robert Hoagland, Chairman
     Patrician Aronson, N.J. Neuro-Psychiatric Institute Library
     Norma Jones, Trenton Psychiatric Hospital Library
     Sister Paschal Marie, St. Francis Hospital Medical Library
     Elizabeth Smith, St. Francis School of Nursing Library
     Ethel Sydney, Helene Fuld Medical Library
     Mae Williams, Mercer Hospital Medical Library
At the first meeting issues discussed included a Union List of Medical Periodicals, a catalog of books to be housed at one of the member libraries, a duplicate periodical exchange list and ways to facilitate the interlibrary loan system among hospitals.
Topics discussed at meetings during the next several years included the interlibrary loan agreement with the College of Physicians (at that time the Regional Library), classification systems for cataloging of books, development of "want lists" for missing journals and the use of filmstrips and audio-visual aids in eduation.
In December of 1972, five members of the Trenton Area Medical Librarians Association gave a panel presentation at a meeting of the newly-formed New Jersey Hospital Library Association (now HSLANJ).  The presentation included:
  • History of the Trenton Area Medical Librarians Association -   presented   by Sister Paschal Marie.
  • Union List of Medical Periodicals  - presented by Norma Jones
  • Union List of Books - presented by Elizabeth Smith
  • Use of the N.J. State Library and the Regional Library as outside resources  - presented by Beatrice Donini (librarian at the Mercer Hospital School of Nursing Library)
  • Interlibrary cooperation and the development of a hierarchial arrangement for resource sharing - presented by Mae Williams

In 1973, because of the closure of his library, Mr. Hoagland assumed a position at the Hahnemann Medical College Library.  Names of officers who have followed him are attached at the end of this report.

In 1979, to  better reflect the expanding membership of the organization, the name was changed to Central Jersey Health Sciences Library Association.

Recorded minutes of meetings through the continuing years reflect the dramatic changes/advances that have occured in all libraries. Topics discussed included: journal retention among the group, introduction of MEDLINE terminals, patient education, library security/lossses, the UCMP database, BHSL membership, CD-ROM databases, computerization, membership standards, interlibrary loans via fax, DOCLINE, Loansome Doc, PubMed, Ebscohost, internet use in libraries, e-journals, Y2K contingency plans and library web sites.

A sampling of programs held over the years include:  a round-table discussion of copyright law (1978); MLA slide program - "The Library's Contribution to Quality (1992); One-Minute Manager seminar (1986); Video presentation - "Looking Ahead at Healthcare (1994); Introduction to the Internet; RML network; Stress in our lives (1986); Power-Point presentation; DOCLINE training class; RSS presentation; Legal resources on the web; MLA conference on e-journals; Ebsco Information Services (discussion of group purchases).

The Central Jersey Health Sciences Library ASsociation continues to meet on a regular basis to support the purpose of the group as expressed in the by-laws: "...the sharing of library resources among its members, and the enhancement of the professional growth and education of their respective representatives...."

Catherine W. Marchok, MS, Director of Library Services, Capital Health System, January 2003




List of Officers serving CJHSLA

Our Mission

The purposes of the CJHSLA are the sharing of library resources among its members, and the enhancement of the professional growth and education of their respective representatives.

Jennifer Kral, Chairperson
Donna Barlow, Secretary/Treasurer

Join Us
Libraries interested in membership in the central N.J. geographic area should e-mail their interest to Donna Barlow, our Secretary/Treasurer
dbarlow@che-east.org .   Membership dues are minimal.

Our Members

Capital Health System at Fuld
Jennifer Kral,  Librarian
Health Sciences Library
750 Brunswick Avenue
Trenton, NJ 08638
Librarian Phone: 609 394-6065
Fax: 609 278-1882

Capital Health System at Mercer
Erica Moncrief, Director of Library Services
Ritu Sharma, Assistant Librarian
Health Sciences Library
466 Bellevue Avenue
Trenton, NJ 08618
Librarian Phone: 609 394-4125
Assistant Librarian Phone 609 394-4282
Fax: 609 394-4131

The College of New Jersey
Maureen Gorman, Director
TCNJ Library
Ewing, NJ 08628-0718
Phone: 609 771-2263
Fax: 609 637-5177

New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
Dorothy Alibrando, Librarian
Mary Kearns-Kaplan, Manager
Information Resource Center
PO Box 409
Trenton, NJ 08625
Phone: 609 984-2249
Fax: 609 292-3298

New Jersey Hospital Association
Michelle Volesko Brewer, Director Library & Corporate Information Services
Angela Harris-Scriven, Manager Library Research Services
Annemarie Edinger, Coordinator, Library & Web Content
J. Harold Johnston Memorial Library
PO Box 1
760 Alexander Road
Princeton, NJ 08543-0001
Phone: 609 275-4230
Fax: 609 275-4107

New Jersey State Library
Margaret Nizolek, Supervising Librarian
Martha Sullivan, Reference Librarian
PO Box 520
Trenton, NJ 08625
Phone: 609 292-6220
Fax: 984-7900

Princeton HealthCare System
Louise M.Yorke, Medical Librarian & Manager
Library of the Health Sciences
253 Withersoon Street
Princeton, NJ 08540-2316
Phone: 609 497-4487
ILL: 609 497-4489
Fax: 609 497-4998

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Kathyrn Flatley, Librarian
Barbara Sergeant
PO Box 2316
Princeton, NJ 08543-2316
Phone: 609 243-5896
Fax: 609 452-9565

St. Francis Medical Center
Donna Barlow, Librarian
Medical Library
601 Hamilton Avenue
Trenton, NJ 08629
Phone: 609 599-5068
Fax: 609 599-5773

Retired Honorary Members:

Lynn Cohn

Ahnde Lin                                                                         alin20003@yahoo.com

Catherine W. Marchok





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